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WE11 WELLNESS is No.1 franchised wellness centre in Canada who has applied Bioelectric Meridian therapy in the clinic. Bioelectric Meridian therapy involves the use of the therapist’s bioelectricity through bioelectric meridian machine applying the skills of Meridian Therapy, Acupressure, and Massage Therapy, to improve the patients’ health problems and achieve their optimal health goals. In addition, our clinic offers Herbal Essence Ointment, which has become the most popular therapy for patients. The Herbal Essence Ointment is made of special extracts, oils, and minerals which are picked by our experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Bioelectric Meridian Therapy has side effect?
    You might feel dizziness or tiredness, if your body is very acidity. However, for most of patients will feel more energized after therapy. It is normal to feel hungry or thirsty after therapy. Therefore, make sure drink enough warm water after.
  • What is special about therapy?
    Through the cell surface charge flowing from bioelectricity, this therapy helps to relax and smooth muscles through vasodilation, promote blood circulation, and boost blood oxygen supply.  It can improve cell metabolism, accelerate metabolic waste discharge, and regulate chemicals and hormones. Pain relief from peripheral nerve disorders have been observed as has improved lipid metabolism and decreased cholesterol.  It has also been known to improve the immune system and to improve holistic health by helping neutralize metabolic waste and acid.  It acts to regulate acid-base equilibrium, and improve overall skin condition (e.g., dark spots and wrinkles) by increasing facial blood circulation.
  • Does acupuncture treatment hurt?
    Most patients stated that acupuncture has little or no pain, as sterile, very fine, disposable needles are used. Treatments are available without the use of needles if needed.
  • Can I use my mobile device at the Clinic?
    Our clinic encourages a relaxing and tranquil environment. For the courtesy of our guests, we kindly request you refrain from using mobile phones and pagers.
  • Does Bioelectric Meridian Therapy hurt?
    Most of time, you will only feel vibration on the area touched by therapist’s hands. However, you might feel a little pain similar to pinch pain at the area you have inflammation or blockage.
  • What is Bioelectric Meridian Therapy?
    Bioelectric Meridian therapy involves the use of the therapist’s bioelectricity to eliminate unhealthy energy within the patient’s body.  Essentially a vessel for the transference of bioelectric energy to the patient, the practitioner is in direct contact with both the machine and the patient.  A patient’s Qi flows are reignited and blockages are discharged as energy, which is circulated throughout the body’s twelve meridians, becomes more alleviated.  Pain is released and the body is once again in balance.
  • Can children be treated with acupuncture?
    Children of all ages have responded well to acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment. In addition, young apprehensive children, knowing the use of acupuncture needles, may be treated without needles using Asian bodywork and/or electrical probes. In addition, herbal formulas are usually prescribed to enhance acupuncture treatments.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    Usually, a series of treatments is necessary to resolve a condition. Each case and condition is treated individually. A consultation is needed to determine requirements. Treatments can be between 45 to 90 minutes in length with the first consultation usually lasting longer.

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